Deutsche See presents a new range of fresh fish from Iceland under the name Islynt


News – February 2018 – Fish International, Bremen |

The leading and innovative German seafood distributor, Deutsche See, has created a new line for fresh fish from Iceland under the name ISLYNT. During a recent Fish International show in Bremen, Deutsche See made this line the main attraction. The new line offers fresh fish and fillets of redfish, cod, haddock, ocean wolffish and farmed salmon. On its webpage, Deutsche See advertises the new line in the following way: ,,ISLYNT – NATÜRLICH BESTER FISCH. Mit ISLYNT, unserem neuen Frischfisch-Sortiment aus Island, verbinden wir höchsten Genuss mit Qualität und Verantwortung. Erleben Sie Island!”. This promotion is very important for seafood from Iceland. More information can be found on DS webpage

Deutsche See has been acquired by the Dutch seafood giant, Parlevliet & van der Plas. P&P is one of the largest harvester in Europe and they have invested in land based production and new segments in recent years. They are a partner with the Icelandic giant Samherji through UK Fisheries with activities in French and Spanish fishing.


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